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API Mission: (Narrative)

Alpha Pacific Institute was created in order to provide a creative learning environment designed to bring out and develop the unique talents of our students. Discovering and developing talent is the goal of API. And we're located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

Alpha Pacific Institute is the truly independent name in broadcasting schools, television production schools, news reporting schools, photography workshops, radio broadcasting schools, film schools, photography schools and academy .

Alpha Pacific realizes there are many great broadcasting schools, film schools, television production schools, radio broadcasting schools, photography workshops and academy schools in the west. We urge all applicants to compare other schools with Alpha Pacific. Are there other photography workshops and graphic arts schools, tv production schools or even a news reporting school that allow you to return after you graduate to work on your skills? Do other radio broadcasting schools allow you to do true "talk show" format with incoming phone lines? What other news reporting school has you producing real stories in the field? Or interviewing real celebrities? News reporting school was never like this! Do other tv production schools offer lifetime placement assistance? And, what tv production schools are located in an actual production facility that is used for real broadcast tv production?

You'll soon discover the difference in attending a truly specialized institute such as Alpha Pacific.. There is a difference.

The staff at Alpha Pacific Institute has over 20 years experience training individuals for careers in the entertainment industry. Many individuals we've taught can be found working in markets around the world including Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Chicago, London, Sidney, Montreal and more. API is not your average academy, television production school, news reporting school, radio broadcasting school, broadcasting school or graphic arts school.
Discover why Alpha Pacific is the best choice for starting, or further developing, your amazing career.

Welcome to the Southwest’s leading training facility
of Film, TV & Radio Broadcasting.
With HANDS-ON workshops coming soon!


With a long history of success, API graduates can be found employed at companies across the U.S. and the world, including NBC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, LIONSGATE, I HEART MEDIA & more!

For many current working professionals, attending Alpha Pacific Institute was their first step to an amazing career.


API is the specialized training facility and school, designed specifically for individuals with a passion for careers in Film and TV Production, Radio Broadcasting, Reporting, Voice Overs, Sports Broadcasting, Audio Production, Photography, Multi Media, and more!

With API's nationally recognized Hands-On approach, you'll be getting the real-life experience that prepares you with the skills needed to advance in the fast growing multimedia industries.


API is not a "mentoring" or "on-line" learning program.. Not at all..

On a daily basis, API students are developing their skills in real production studios and on location. No high college costs or crowded classrooms. No having to follow a "mentor" throughout the day.

And no long hours of watching "on-line" classes.

For over 20 years, API graduates have realized that there was no substitute for actual hands-on collaboration and experience to bring their passion to the "professional" level..


Come discover why individuals have traveled from around the U.S. and the world to attend Alpha Pacific Institute.


If you are passionate about being the best, we hope you'll explore API further.

 *Please remember that class sizes are limited.


"Employers are looking for people with true workable SKILLS..  Not degrees."

M. Benzinger - FOX Television -


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